Simple Tips for a Cleaner Car

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  1. Don’t Eat In It

One huge contribution to cars being dirty is food. Leftover wrappers, food that’s fallen, greasy fingers and crumbs! You may not think you’re a messy eater but you’ll soon start to find all of these on your floor, tight creases and seats. Now, it’s hard to say don’t eat in your car, but it’s something to start being a lot more aware of. Try keeping your road snacks to a minimum and vacuum your car more often.

  1. Wax

Now it might sound tedious, but waxing your car occasionally can really pay off. If you spend a little more time after washing your car by waxing, future washes become easier and so does your waxing skills will improve.

  1. Knock Your Shoes

Slush and snow can really make a car messy quick. Make sure you always kick your shoes off before getting inside. It won’t eliminate everything but it will help keep it to a minimum.

  1. Clean Up After Yourself

One of the simplest things you can to keep your car clean is grabbing your garbage right away! If you receipts lying around, gum wrappers in your cup holder and half your closet in the backseat, you’ve just created a war zone. A good habit to start would be to grab something every time you get out. If you got a bunch of wrappers in your door cubby, grab them and throw them into the first garbage you see. Simple things like this will tidy up your vehicle and are super quick to do.

  1. Trash Bin

Another simple hack to have in your car is a little garbage. This allows you to throw everything in one spot and keeps you from tossing things everywhere thinking you’ll remember it later.

  1. Make It A Routine

It’s hard to designate time to clean your car when you have a busy lifestyle, but by simply setting aside a half hour a week or even a month can really help. On a Sunday morning take a quick walk around your car and grab the garbage you have laying around, give you dash a quick dust or vacuum the interior. If you decide to try and tackle it weekly you can decide to vacuum maybe once a month and so on for the rest.