2017 Buick Regal

The 2017 Buick Regal

2017 Buick Regal

The 2017 Buick Regal is now the smallest of the old American automaker’s sedans.  The discontinued Verano once appealed to Buick’s loyal grocery-getters, urbanites, or budget-conscious drivers. The bigger La Crosse, meanwhile, hearkens the days of unwieldy boat sedans and is more consistent with Buick’s history. Of course, it’s more graceful than in the past. The point is that the Regal used to be stuck in the middle. And now it’s been thrust into the light as the introductory Buick sedan. And that’s a great thing because the 2017 Buick Regal is a capable, comfortable, and, frankly; stylish car.

Buick (Modest) Power

The standard (and only) engine is 2.0L Turbo DOHC. With that powerplant, the Regal isn’t going to set any quarter-mile records. But it wasn’t designed to. With 259 horsepower, the engine is more than capable of supplying a confident ride on the highway and will never be taxed in the city. The fuel economy numbers are good, but not outstanding at 11.5 L/100km in the city and 8 L/100km on the highway. All in all, the Regal’s performance blends well into the car’s overall design philosophy. The ideal driver is an urban commuter or highway traveller to whom comfort is more important than flash.  

However, the ideal driver of the 2017 Buick Regal may not be the actual driver. What I mean is that Buick is still trying to shake off the perception of being the official vehicle supplier of the Sunday driver. When some people hear the name Buick, they picture a gleaming white LeSabre and a driver with even whiter hair. And that’s a shame. Right now, Buick offers one of the best value propositions among North American Automakers.

Standard Luxury

To start with, every Regal model comes with standard OnStar 4G LTE WiFi. Heated driver and passenger seats are standard, too. Including those features might seem natural, but consider this: when you pay $40,000 for a new Audi A4, the price doesn’t include the cost of any paint colour other than black or white. Blue, grey, or dare I say, red, will cost you an additional $890. So, you should appreciate the fact that Buick believes certain luxury features should come standard. Of course, not everyone will be satisfied with the standard rendition of luxury.

Here’s a breakdown of what you’ll find above the standard Regal trim level.

Regal Premium I (MSRP: $35,295)

  • Rear Park Assist
  • Remote Start
  • Heated Steering Wheel
  • Universal Home Remote

Regal Premium II (MSRP: $37,895)

  • Buick IntelliLink Infotainment
  • Bose Premium Audio System
  • HID Headlamps With LED Signatures

Regal GS (MSRP: $41,295)

  • Brembo Front Brakes
  • HiPer Strut Suspension
  • Front & Rear Parking Assist
  • Sport Bucket Seats

To learn more about the Buick Regal, and to book a test drive, follow the link below.



New Vs Used: The Car-Buying Guide

New vs used, the eternal car-buying question. Here are just a few of the many things you need to consider when deciding whether to buy a new or a used vehicle.

New VS Used Car-Buying Guide

The New Advantage

Now is maybe the greatest time to be a new car buyer. First, you have access to the vehicles of more manufacturers than ever. In nearly every class of vehicles you can find two or three great options. And more classes are added every day (hello, CUV). And, unlike a used car buyer, a new buyer can pick the exact combination of features that they want. You don’t have to wait for months for the right model (with the right amount of kilometres to come along). On top of that, you have access to a wealth of information from manufacturers, professional reviewers, and normal drivers. But the new vs used debate is usually settled with money.

0% Financing

Specifically, it’s no longer difficult to secure 0% financing. Even Cadillac has gotten into the act. You can get a new Cadillac Escalade and pay no more than the sticker price (plus tax). That’s a first for the company. Of course, 0% financing isn’t a perfect deal for everyone. You loan term will end up being shorter than that of a higher interest rate which means that your payments will be larger. Then again, that means you will pay off your vehicle more quickly and will only pay for its value.

Two things to note. Firstly, used cars are starting to feature more attractive loan rates. You won’t find 0% financing, but some Certified Pre-Owned units can come pretty close – assuming you have a stellar credit rating. Secondly, you should remember just because you secure 0% financing doesn’t mean that you should purchase a more expensive vehicle than you would otherwise.


What’s the biggest cost of owning a new vehicle? Some might answer registration, insurance, or gasoline. But none of those come close to the cost of depreciation. Most people know that a new car loses 10% of its value when you drive it off the lot. But for some reason, the average person doesn’t think about depreciation like a regular expense. But, when considering an important decision like a vehicle purchase, you should consider it as one.

As a point of caution, depreciation rates are complicated. If the market is flooded with used vehicles, they’ll depreciate faster because demand is low. But, we can say that a new vehicle loses roughly 20-25% of its value in the first year of ownership. Fortunately, the rate of depreciation slows down after that. Still, after three years of ownership, a vehicle will have lost nearly half of its value. For some drivers, those first few years of ownership might be worth half of the vehicle’s purchase price. But, I think most people wouldn’t. That’s where shrewd used buyers come in.

If you purchase a vehicle that’s three years old, you’ve dodged the highest cost of ownership, and potentially paid 50% of the vehicle’s original MSRP. As the rate of depreciation slows, more of the money you invested in your vehicle stays there.

New Vs Used

With the diversity of drivers and their needs, we can’t say that buying a new or used car is “better.” New buyers probably want to enjoy the freshness of their vehicle and the latest features that come with it. Or, they want a specific combination of features and styling that they won’t find on the used market. Used buyers, for whom those things are not as important, get to take advantage of depreciation can save a ton of money. Both strategies can be good, as long as you understand advantages and disadvantages before you make the leap.


So, what kind of buyer are you? Hit the link to see our new and used inventory.


The 2017 Buick Encore

The 2017 Buick Encore

The 2017 Buick Encore

Compact crossovers are taking over Canadian roads. It seems like every automaker offers at least one small SUV. With the sheer number of available crossovers, it can be difficult for one to stand out above the rest. With the 2017 Buick Encore, the company’s approach is to offer the most standard equipment in the class. Quite simply, the base model Encore doesn’t feel like a base model.

That attitude is reflected in the Encore’s bold styling. 18” alloy wheels with magnetic inserts are standard. The split-wing grille is sharp, and the exterior lines are smooth. Overall, the 2017 Buick Encore looks highly confident. Obviously, the Encore is very small. At only 168 inches, the Encore can comfortably parallel park just about anywhere. By looking at it, you can guess exactly who will be driving the 2017 Encore: Canada’s urban dwellers with a demand for luxury. But, before we get to luxury, let’s take a look at the Encore’s engine selection.

Under the Hood

The standard engine across every trim level is the ECOTEC 1.4L Turbocharge I-4. It delivers a modest 138 horsepower. With the Essence and Sport Touring trim, you can upgrade to a 1.4L SIDI Turbo but, for only 15 additional horsepower, you probably won’t. To be fair, it’s also more efficient and features auto stop-start technology. That means it will get you some better fuel-saving numbers. But the most important thing to keep in mind is that either engine is more than capable of pushing the the nimble Encore through the corners. And, when you add all-wheel drive, you get an SUV that is confident in all conditions.

Big Comfort

The Encore is deceptively comfortable on the inside. It would be dishonest to call it spacious. But it does seat five comfortably. The fit and finish are exceptional with touches like a standard leather-wrapped steering wheel and available heated, leather seating. Additionally, the front passenger and second-row seats fold down for pretty impressive cargo space.  Active Noise Cancellation and Buick QuietTuning are standard as well. That technology ensures any noise from the engine or the road is eliminated. Consequently, the cabin is calm and peaceful – even on the highway.


For premium entertainment, you’ll want the available 7-Speaker Bose audio system. It guarantees a concert-like experience within the Encore’s compact interior. You can manage your media with Buick IntelliLink and an 8” touch screen. You also get standard OnStar 4G LTE WiFi so that you and your passengers can stay connected on the go.

Ultimately, the Encore delivers comfort much larger than its frame would suggest. With an impressive array of standard features and a remarkably low price, the 2017 Buick Encore delivers one of the highest value propositions in the compact crossover segment.