Check Out This Electric Crossover Concept From Buick!

Buick Enspire Electric Crossover

Buick has spent the last five years drastically overhauling its lineup and its public image. In 2015, Buick unveiled the Avenir concept car. With its dark grille, split-wing badge, and sharp LED lights, the car’s front fascia made a bold first impression and blended well into the graceful architecture and chamfered hood. The stunning Avenir, coincidentally, French for “future;” set down a marker for Buick’s future design language. Thereafter, the brand has only released attractive and compelling vehicles like the new Regal. But, with last month’s exhibition of the Enspire Electric concept, Buick is taking things even further.

The 2019 Sierra AT4: GMC’s “Do-Everything” Off-Roader

The 2019 Sierra AT4

Today, we meditate on another escalation in the arms race. No, not that arms race – the interesting one. The truck arms race. We used to just have trucks. They were pragmatic, ugly, and you could slam some scrap metal in the back without a care in the world. But, in over the past decade, trucks have become drastically more liveable, outfitted with the same technology and comforts as passenger cars. Their performance has also surged. At nearly any dealership you can find a truck that can ford a river, climb a mountain, and win a drag race. Arguably, no truck better combines modern refinement and genuine off-road performance quite like the Sierra AT4, based on the new 2019 Sierra.