5 Best Features on the New 2019 Sierra

2019 Sierra Denali

At the beginning of the month, GMC finally lifted the curtain from the 2019 Sierra. The professional-grade pickup is taller, wider, lighter, and smarter than ever. There’s a lot to dig into, but here is a quick breakdown of the five best features.


After publicly trashing Ford for using aluminum, it was no surprise when Chevy announced it would stick with high-strength steel in the Silverado’s box. On base models of the Sierra, you’ll find that same alloy in the box. However, GMC will also give customers the choice of the CarbonPro box comprised of carbon fibre.

Per GMC, CarbonPro is the lightest and most durable material in the industry. Naturally, that means it will deliver best-in-class resistance for scratches and dents. But CarbonPro also delivers best-in-class corrosion resistance.

MultiPro Tailgate

GMC bills this as the most innovative tailgate ever – and it may be right. Unlike regular tailgates, the MultiPro has six different positions. One position folds down into steps so you can easily get into the box. One position facilitates cargo loading. Most interestingly, one position allows you to open only half of the tailgate, revealing a small, standing workstation. The MultiPro is available on higher trim levels and is GMC exclusive.


The 2019 Sierra will also have an available multi-colour head-up display, the very first of its kind in the segment. What’s a head-up display? A small light at the base of your dashboard projects information onto your windshield. Basically, it gives you the information you need without forcing you to take your eyes off the road. GMC’s HUD is 3×7 inches and can show you things like current speed, fuel levels, and more.

Rear Camera Mirror

Of course, the 2019 Sierra has a rearview mirror – but this one has a trick up its sleeve. It’s connected to a rear-facing camera, and can stream the view in HD. If your view is obstructed by passengers or cargo in your Sierra’s box, you can still see what’s behind you. In fact, you’ll get a field of vision multiple times larger than the one you could from your mirror even if it wasn’t obstructed.

ProGrade Trailering System

Pickups are designed to work hard, and make towing, hauling, and trailering easy. That’s the theory behind the all-new ProGrade Trailering System, comprehensive suite of trailering technology that gives complete confidence to even trailering rookies. You get hitch guidance and hitch view to make connecting easy. GMC also included a pre-departure checklist to make sure you take care of everything before you set off. The connected Trailer App also enables the following:

  • Trailer Light Test
  • Electrical Diagnostics
  • Trailer Tire Pressure
  • Temperature Monitoring

This tech is standard on the Denali and SLT models.

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