Buick: Not Your Grandpa’s Car Anymore

Not Your Grandpa's Buick: The new lineup challenges its reputation and formulates a new elegance.

For some reason, Buick has been considered the “old man car”. Why? Because it’s dependable and elegant; exactly what Gramps wants. But isn’t that what we all want, deep down? When shopping for a new vehicle, don’t you consider how often you’ll have to bring it into the shop or if it simply looks nice? It’s time we shed this unfair skin and give Buick the spotlight it deserves. After all, things are changing for Buick and the future looks good.

Old School Driving

Buick knows what they’re reputation is. It’s really not that bad. Buick’s been around for a long, long time. As one of the first automobile brands, Buick’s history is bursting with ideas and innovations that changed the way we drive today. That long history has developed a reputation for reliability, safety, and affordable luxury. When you’re car shopping, these are probably things you’re looking for – why is Buick not a top choice?? The reputation that “Buick is for old people” is outdated and needs to go. Buick is already over it, it’s time to redefine the brand from the outside.

We can accept the fact that most Buick owners are more experienced than those purchasing Chevrolets, but that doesn’t mean the Buick lineup should be forgotten by younger buyers. With the addition of Buick’s new Encore and Envision, young people should definitely be checking them out.

Accepting the Old, Pursuing the New

Buick’s lineup is incredible. We’re not just saying that. The features, technology, and safety in each vehicle is outstanding and Buick is constantly topping the IIHS Top Safety Pick List, 5-Star Overall Safety Scores, and Best In Category accolades.

The Buick Encore is a compact crossover that does not skimp on any details. Available leather interior and comfortable seating for 5 makes the Encore a great choice for anyone who likes the convenience of an SUV but the fuel efficiency of a car.

The newest addition to the SUV lineup is the Buick Envision; 5-person seating and more cargo space in the back makes the Envision compact SUV an excellent choice for families or professionals that require more space.

The Buick Enclave was redesigned and, to be frank, it was necessary. The Enclave’s new look offers a more exciting an elegant addition to your daily commute, with new features and incredibly comfortable seating, your passengers will thank you. (Have you seen the Avenir?! Wow.)

Buick LaCrosse is synonymous with luxury. And the addition of the Avenir line is just amplifying that rep. The already high standard of luxury is raised even higher with premium craftsmanship and features that make you forget you’re in a full-size sedan.

Buick has amped up its sedan lineup with the Regal Sportback. Designed to perform, the Regal Sportback offers an athletic interior and bold exterior details to make the Regal an exhilarating driving experience.

Future Buick

Buick is changing their tune: they are admitting their reputation is due for a change. How does one completely change their reputation? Taylor Swift knows. But I can’t say Buick is taking pointers from TayTay. Instead, they’re changing the way they advertise and the vehicles are changing too.

Since the 2014 model year, at least, Buick has been using celebrities and wit to advertise the newest generation of Buick models. Their commercials with people searching for a friend driving a Buick, valets running by, and even Grandma saying, “That’s not a Buick” in order to shed the light on the changing Buick. Not only that, Shaq, Cam Newton, and Miranda Kerr have all starred in commercials promoting the changing Buick attitude. The 2017 Super Bowl spot for Buick was a funny play on a kids football game (pun intended). Two parents notice a car pull up (the Buick Cascada – not available in Canada) and the one parent states, “If that’s a Buick, my kid is Cam Newton.” In a bizarre twist, the NFLer towers over the kids and passes to a teammate who flies through the end zone for a touchdown. The coach jokingly states a similar aside, transforming into supermodel Miranda Kerr. Check out the video below:

Getting celebrities and athletes to promote the vehicle is an attention-grabbing way to get people to notice the new lineup, which is exactly what Buick needs. Constantly overlooked, the Buick lineup has a lot to offer, and it’s only getting better. With the addition of the Regal Sportback and TourX in the States, the brand is getting more recognition with younger crowds and car buyers.

Do yourself a favour and check out the current lineup. Test drive them all and experience a Buick today.

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