What To Expect When Buying A Vehicle at Capital

what to expect when buying a vehicle

Movies depict greasy salesmen at car dealerships; slicked back hair, oversized suits, and slimy pricing to get you to overpay for a piece of metal that won’t make it off the lot. Well, that’s just not how things are. Truly. Buying a car should be an exciting time for you! That’s what we aim to do at Capital GMC Buick in Edmonton.

Vehicle brands sold in Edmonton by Capital GMCWe Sell It ALL

As a GM dealership, we sell brand new GMC models and brand new Buick models. After all, it says it in our name! However, we are also a Certified Pre-Owned dealership, which means we have an extensive used vehicle inventory that has been inspected and repaired, if necessary, to high standards. If you’re looking for a used Jeep or a new GMC Terrain, we’ve got it. Previously loved Chevrolet? Yup. Lifted and customized GMC Sierra? You betcha.

Online Inventory

If you’re like most of the internet-obsessed population, you’re likely going to start your vehicle search online. Our website has up to date inventory with pictures and details about all of our vehicles, there are some exceptions of course. So if the information you’re looking for isn’t available, give us a call or fill in a form and we’ll get you the info you need! Take your time and peruse the options. There are a lot of them!

We list our pricing on the website for transparency. We want you to know what the cost of the vehicle is. If you’re buying new, there are many programs and discounts that you can take advantage of. Sometimes they can’t work together but our team will get you the best price possible. When buying used, we look at the market pricing of the vehicle, take into account extra accessories, mileage, age, rare options, and overall health of the vehicle to get the most accurate and competitive price.

VROOM! Test Drive Time

Test Driving a vehicleWhether you’ve made up your mind on a make and model, or you’ve at least narrowed it down, it’s probably time for a test drive. Seeing pictures is great, but actually sitting behind the wheel and going for a spin will give you a feel for the vehicle. You may love the exterior but sitting on the inside isn’t quite what you imagined, or you’ll find you love a vehicle you didn’t expect! This is especially important for pre-owned models because every single one is unique. The previous owner may have accessorized or adapted the vehicle and every car has been driven differently so taking it for a test drive will allow you to really get to know the vehicle and if it can work for you.

Our Product Specialists are here for you. They will assist you with getting the vehicle ready for your test drive, take you through the features, and answer any questions you may have. Our specialists are non-commission so there’s no pressure to buy more than what you need. We just don’t work that way. We want you to get the vehicle you love at a price you can afford.


Okay, so you’ve made your choice. So exciting! Or you’re wanting to know how much you can get approved for financing. Both situations require you to sit with one of our Finance Managers. The Finance Manager will get some information from you in order to submit your case to one of our major lenders. Things like your credit history, wage, and other debts will determine your interest rate, payment amount, and payment term. If necessary, we have helpful credit-building options to help you get on track.

During your time with our Finance Managers, you’ll also be introduced to aftermarket options like extended warranties and insurance. Some people choose to overlook these but they are actually quite important. Extended warranty helps cover things that would not otherwise be covered under GM or manufacturer warranty. One of the most popular is Tire Hazard Warranty. Having the reassurance that you’re not going to be completely stranded on the road. Blowing a tire on the road usually means buying a new tire, with Tire Warranty, you get it replaced without any additional cost to you! Something definitely worth thinking about.

new car keys!

Drive Away!

When your financing is secured and you’re happy with the vehicle purchase, we will have the vehicle fully detailed and gassed up for you to enjoy! Your Product Specialist will set up OnStar, satellite radio, and Bluetooth connection to your phone. Our team will give you a tour of the Service Department if you would like, so that you know where to come for oil changes and any appointments in the future.

Our only goal is to get you into the vehicle that matches your style and budget. And to make the entire process easy for you. If you have questions about the vehicle or during your buying process, please ask! We’re here to help. Vehicles are complicated, but buying them doesn’t have to be.

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