Oil Change 101

Oil Change

How Often Do I Need an Oil Change?

Most experts would agree that you should change your oil every 5,000 to 7,5000 kms. Considering the average Canadian drives roughly 18,000km per year, that’s 2-3 oil changes per year. However, giving an estimate that suits every oil, in every vehicle, in all driving conditions is, at best, ignorant. So many things can affect your oil change interval including:

  • Aggressive driving
  • Cold starts
  • Short driving trips
  • Extensive idling
  • Towing
  • Driving in dusty areas

So if you practice a lot of those driving habits, change your oil more often than suggested. But, if you use synthetic oil, you can change your oil less often. The important thing is to follow the advice of your trusted mechanic. Chances are no one understands your engine better.

What Does the Oil Rating Mean?

From the outside, oil ratings can seem a little confusing. Let’s take 20W-50 oil for example. The W stands for winter, and the two numbers refer to viscosity at different temperatures. An oil’s viscosity is measured at two temperatures. Its winter rating (in front of the W) is measured at -18 C and the summer viscosity is measured at 100 C.

What is Viscosity?

Viscosity is your oil’s thickness. As oil heats up it thins out which is bad for your engine. Oils resistant to thinning at high temperatures have a high second number in the oil rating. At cold temperatures, your oil thickens. Excessively viscous oil make it harder for your engine to start and worsens fuel economy. In winter, you should use oil that has low first number – preferably 5W or even 0W for some synthetic oils.

If you get an oil change at Capital GMC Buick, we’ll ensure the oil is right for your engine and the climate.

Synthetic Oil

Synthetic oil is not a magical compound. It’s just regular oil that’s been refined to a greater degree. Synthetic oil has a number of benefits including greater longevity. Further, synthetic oil resists thickening at low temperatures and has a far higher boiling point, so it performs better at high temperatures, too. It can even improve engine horsepower and torque and many reports suggest it marginally improves fuel efficiency.

Well, it sounds like synthetic oil is a magical compound – shouldn’t everyone use it? Well, not all vehicles recommend you use synthetic oil. And if your vehicle isn’t high performance, or you’re not worried about extra protection for your engine, you may not be willing to pay the extra cost of synthetic oil. In that case, sticking to the oil recommended by your manufacturer should treat your engine perfectly well – the most important thing is that you change your oil regularly.

If you have any more questions about your oil, filters, or engine in general, don’t hesitate to ask one of Capital GMC Buick’s service experts. And if you need an oil change just stop by Capital GMC Buick Certified Service Express or book an appointment and we’ll take care of the rest. 


Hummer Inspection

Capital GMC Buick Cadillac


Did you know that Capital GMC Buick is the only service shop with Hummer Certified Technicians in Edmonton? If you’re looking to have your Hummer inspected by someone who specializes in your vehicle, Capital should be your first and only stop! Leave your vehicle in good hands, and just for coming to us, we will give you a free multi-point inspection. That’s is just one of the many ways our Capital team takes care of you. If we have convinced you yet, here are a few more reasons why you should choose Capital.

  1. Largest Certified Service Selection in Northern Alberta.
  2. Our new Glass Shop can replace your windshield or repair a chip or stone blemishes.
  3. Our Customer lounge has lots for you to do while you wait for your vehicle to be fixed. Play one of our games, hang out on the computer, watch some tv or simply just sit and read. The choice is up to you!
  4. Our Part Department has close to 100 years of experience together!
  5. We have a parts warehouse in Edmonton. If we don’t have the part we need in-store, we surely do at the warehouse.
  6. We give the best advice, best service and the best Capital experience.

Capital GMC Buick Edmonton Service

Certified Service Express

Capital GMC Buick Edmonton

On Saturday, May 14th, Capital GMC Buick is proud to announce the grand opening of Certified Service Express! Join the Capital Team for one-day special offers on select services and products, as well as free hot dogs and refreshments. Plus, our service and sales customers will have a chance to win a brand new Cannondale Bike. With every $10 donation, your name will be entered, 100% of the proceeds go to the Canadian Red Cross Fort McMurray Fire Relief. Proudly presented by Capital and our friends at Revolution Cycle!

Our package and service prices will be slashed for our one day only grand opening, like our Express Package! This package includes: up to 5L of Dexos Oil, 40 point inspection, tire rotation and brake inspection for only $39.95, regular $79.95.

Also, for every customer who purchases a full synthetic oil change, on the grand opening day, will be entered to win 2 years worth of free Castrol full synthetic oil changes at Capital GMC Buick.

Whether you’re looking to get an oil change, fluid top-up, tire rotation or any one of the many services we offer, let us take care of you and your vehicle at Edmonton’s 1st and only Certified Service Express.

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Capital GMC Buick Edmonton

Time to save

Capital GMC Buick Edmonton

There are so many ways to save at Capital GMC Buick right now!

Look after your Hummer

Did you know that Capital has Certified Factory Technicians that can service your Hummer? We’re Edmonton’s ONLY dealership that will inspect your Hummer at no charge! We know how much you love your Hummer, and we want to help you look after it with a free Multi-Point Inspection. You can book online or call 780-435-4000.

Spend and Save

The more you buy at Capital, the more you save! Spend and Save is happening now at Capital GMC Buick! When you purchase GM accessories, spend $500 and get 5% off, spend $1000 and get 10% off, or spend $1500 and get 15% off! Check out our lift kits, running boards and more from our great team at Capital Accessories. Sale ends April 30th, 2016.

Pothole Peril Service Sale

Spring has made an appearance once or twice and warm weather means spilled coffee and worn out struts and shocks. Yes, the dreaded potholes are back and ready to do damage. Don’t worry, Capital GMC Buick Edmonton has got you covered and will get your vehicle ready for another season of “Swerve or Hit.”

  • ACDelco struts/shocks are 20% off starting at just $66.00 each, plus installation.
  • 50% off a computerized wheel alignment.
  • 50% off seasonal tire changeover, with the purchase of winter tire storage

Get Road Ready

  • Firestones FR 710 Car Tire- $99.95 plus tax with a 30-day tire price match guarantee.
Capital GMC Buick Edmonton$99.95 per tire price includes installation. Applicable taxes extra. Offer available to retail customers only from 3/21/16 to 5/31/16. Additional charges may apply for valve stems, steel rims and any reprogramming of the Tire Pressure Monitoring System. See Service Consultant for more details.
  • ACDelco’ Advantage Ceramic Front Brake Pads and Rotors- $249.95 plus tax and a 30day price match guarantee.
Capital GMC Buick Edmonton$159.95 price valid on GM cars model years 2006-2015 excluding Camaro and Corvette; not valid on trucks. Applicable taxes and duties are extra. Offer is subject to change without notice and is available to retail customers only. While quantities last. See Dealer for details.