One Million Denalis Sold

GMC has sold one million Denalis and it took less than 20 years.

One million Denalis have been sold.

“Mountain of a Milestone”

Hey, it’s their pun not mine. Denali is the tallest mountain in North America, and the Denali trim is the peak of professional grade. The name Denali commands so much respect that it often replaces the model names of GMC vehicles. But before we can talk about “now,” we need a little history lesson.

The Denali line was introduced in 1997 with the Yukon Denali concept. It was conceived as a one-off, but hit production the following year. The concept drew its significance from the environment in which it was introduced. At that point, the SUV was clearly prioritising function over form. But GMC “sensed an opportunity to create a premium-grade model that could resonate with customers on a whole new level.” In other words, they saw an opportunity to combine the SUV’s natural capability with luxury comfort.

The production Yukon Denali of 1998 brought unique moldings, a single-colour paint job, and chrome wheels. Needless to say, it looked good. With the popularity of the Yukon, GMC immediately moved to expand the Denali lineup. In 2002, the Sierra 1500 became the first Denali pickup. Now, the Denali product portfolio consists of three SUVs (Terrain, Acadia, and Yukon) and three pickups (Canyon, Sierra, and Sierra HD). The expanded lineup allows more drivers to combine professional-grade performance with premium features.

One Million Denalis Plus

Speaking of premium features, the current selection of Denali vehicles have plenty. The latest technology comes standard. You get the connectivity of a 4G LTE WiFi hotspot, and ultimate safety provided by a suite Driver Alert technologies. On the inside, you can expect leather-appointed, heated front seats with French stitching, and aluminum accents. Finally, on the outside, signature chrome grilles and LED lighting project an aura of unrelenting confidence.

With the SUV and truck market still expanding, the demand for luxury features and innovative technology will only grow. Now that Denali has cemented itself atop the marketplace, GMC’s future is exciting. One thing’s for sure: it won’t take GMC 20 years to sell the next million.

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